Frankly, I am more and more fan of Steve Jobs. But why?

Lately in the past few weeks, I read some books about him and even watched YouTube channel and two movies about him ( Jobs and Steve Jobs)

I have changed my opinion about him. And about success. Steve Jobs was and still is a brand completely unique. I wonder, why there is even a name Apple, if he was truly brand of it? But I understand. I won’t go into yellow pages about his life and his situation, but I understand him. I understand his pasion.

When I read book about him, there was an amazing quote about us – small people.

He said we should have a job like a bus driver until we think what is really our passion. And when we realize what is truly our passion, then we should dream and work hard for it. 18 hours a day and sacrifice many times for the things we were used to do before. And that it’s hard, very hard to be an entrepreneur and in the business world. It’s so hard that many people give up on their business idea, because they can’t stand the pressure.

You know nobody truly knew Steve Jobs 30 years ago. People didn’t knew how hard it was and how many times he failed. People didn’t saw how hard he had to work in his way, so that today in 2016 you can buy Apple phone and you know you buy it, just because it is Apple. So obviously that Apple became a huge and the most known brand on the Globe.

People who buy products from Apple are truly involved in relationship with it’s brand. Steve Jobs has let his legacy to the whole world. He really changed our lives. He showed us that from some idea, some garage work you can create something amazing. Well, have I mention that it has to pass around 20 years to truly succed?

There has to be time for everyone once in a life. But if you don’t work hard, put your passion in yourself and your business then you shouldn’t think to work on your own. Many people think he was a bad man. A genious, but a bit strange.

Let me ask you – Don’t you think he was genious of our time? And that people started supporting him, only when he aready succeded. Now, think on yourself….just for a second.

When you start your own business – how much attention do you get? Do you truly put all your long hours into work? Do you dream and think only on your business? Do you work it with passion, when people reject you? You never give up and only fight again and again?

There are only few people who truly work hard and believe in their dreams and still work on it. Yes, there are many times you have to pass “going out” instead of that you just work. Getting ideas and create the magic. If you don’t put yourself into your business than nothing counts. You passion drives your life. Let it go and allow yourself to do small changes time by time.  Simply dream of the things which can happen, but you are still not there. Believe in your work and yourself. Be different. Be brave.

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