Content marketing isn’t all about content

When we talk about Content marketing, well at least at, we usually say that we must make some killer content and great post, which will lift us from the average business people. But do you know that content marketing in fact isn’t just about creating good and amazing content?

So, what do we have to do?

Put yourself a goal you wanna achieve. Think and write down all your strategy for impleentation, maybe also very important user experience, distribution whch is also extremly important and connect with your audience. If you know who is your audience you will for sure realize how they think, feel and what they wanna do and how interesting you will be for them. Are you working on this one?

So, if you still can’t imagine what to do – I will give you an example. Content marketing started to use the big brands like Apple, Coca Cola, P&G and Red Bull and so on.

What they do?  

Surely the levereage Content marketing through stories so you (us) makes us think about the product, discuss and talk about it and share the information. bingo! That is indeed the true story of Content marketing and what it is about. So, all those businesses are taking you in their business and creating new culture of us. And we use it gladly.

So, here are some example what they did to change their stoy:

Coca Cola / Making friends

P&G / Thank you mom 

 Apple / New begginings

So, watching those videos does make you change your mind and start thinking – what do you do in your business in the truth of Content marketing? How can you change it?

Content marketing in increasinly higher in business and it will be even more important for sure. The way you go closer to your audience andget ot know it  -the way depens on your business success.

To think about it try and do the following steps:

  • Build trust to your audience
  • Make inspiring feeling in your posts, blog and your work
  • Work on emotions -with them you will win

My advice as I work at Mr-marketing – don’t waste your time on research about your adds, and where you will advertise – instead of that think on your audience and go into their shoes and feelings.

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