Everyones going crazy over Virtual Currency

Everyone’s going crazy over real money virtual currency now,

Bitcoin & One Coin are the two main virtual currencies.

What if I told you that both Bitcoin & One Coin could of changed the world forever a lot more than they actually have would you believe me?….

Although virtual currencies are going to without a doubt change the world forever, and although they are a innovation.

Something is missing…….

They have failed to become the most inspiring innovation we could of ever had the pleasure of being alive to witness,

This inspiring feature which could be easily implemented especially in One Coin’s case now that they have been government approved,

would not only change the way we banked our money it would also save thousands of live’s & starving children & vulnerable people.

What if they had Implemented a feature where by you or I could confidently walk down the street & when passing a homeless person you could say “hey, there you look a bit hungry would you like something to eat.” & if they said yes please you could simply reply “what kind of food do you like” they reply “pizza” for example you say “great” & by going on an app you could wirelessly transfer a donated amount to a local pizza place. “you would then instantly receive a unique code which you would then inform the homeless person of or even write down for them and inform them to quote this unique code at the certain pizza place you’ve just donated the money too for them.

This way not only have you now fed a homeless person but you can confidently carry on about your day knowing they have had to use that donation for food.

As I feel a lot of people want to help these homeless people however wether it’s right or wrong to assume so people worry that their kind hearted donation will be used to feed a drug addiction and not feed them with food.

This concept however would then not only help those in need it would encourage   those who would normally help but were previously too afraid or dishearten to,

would then feel confident in helping these vulnerable people knowing that they have offered to help for example with feeding them & that’s what their donation will 100% do.

Now let’s look at the bigger scale say that their was an individual or a group of individuals in a third world country making a plea for help, or a organisation such as a charity asking to help a third world country in some way, would you be more inclined to help if you could wireless transfer some of your virtual currency as a donation to them. by issuing them with a unique code which could only be spent at a certain outlet to help the plea/cause.

This concept if implemented would change the way we helped others forever.

Thanks for reading-TGK Enteprise

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