The future of Technology;

The technology which now exists in 2016 is incredible,

however although there has been some remarkable innovations created this year.

I personally feel disappointed in the lack of inspiring innovations via technology giant’s.

For example let me introduce Hololens to those who are currently unaware

of Microsofts most recent innovation.

This is without a shadow of a doubt an innovation, however this is whats disappointing to me personally…



Now Microsoft must of worked so hard on this project & have done extremely well to keep it under wraps until they launched Hololens,

However quit playing games

Such an innovative invention why, why, why make these images your selling point & video’s aimed at game players, graphics designers & corporations why aren’t you using this innovation to not only change the world but also better it.

Microsoft in this past year you have release Tay & Hololens couple these together with smart watch which can monitor your heart beat & blood pressure.

You’ve got a Virtual Artificial Intelligence (VAI), which as you know when programmed to do so can pick up on emotions & mood changing behaviours & so much more

The potential of a VAI alone is incredible let alone coupled with hololens

when coupled with hololens you’ve now successfully created a mobile virtual artificial intelligence which can help, assist,  monitor the physical & mentally disable & very unwell elderly patients worldwide.

Imagine the lives this could save….

Let me give you an example if for instance there was a 360 degree camera implemented with hololens & it was programmed to assist a patient with let’s say for example purposes someone with dementia then if this patient in question was to lets say pour milk into a kettle then both you & I know Microsoft a virtual Artificial intelligence could easily be programmed to alert such patients of incidents, now lets say this camera also had heat detection then the virtual artificial intelligence could then use hololens technology to pick up on a source pan left on the hob boiling away & would alert or lets rephrase that better would remind their dementia patient “Did you know you have left the hob boiling on the cooker.” “No I never” Thats now saved a house fire & intern has saved at least one life  if not anyone else’s, their patient’s.

Come on it’s so frustrating to see such innovations come to life no entwined perfectly with inspiration let your innovative creations better the world not only for us graphics designers & Business people but for those & the families of such vulnerable people.

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone.

Hopefully this article will inspire someone to do some good.

From TGK Enterprise

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