People buy why you do what you do, not what you do.

This theory comes from “Simon Sinek” & his book “start with why”

A true inspiration to us as an organisation,

Simon states “this is not psychology, its biology”

By starting with why you are making people aware of your cause or beliefs and why your Company exists.

Those who believe, what you believe will become loyal following not because they have to do because they want to.

By all means any company could create false why,

But Unless they are consistent with everything that they say, in everything they do.

Then they may have gained a small portion of publicity through people buy into their why,

however when it becomes apparent they’re why is false attempt to gain free publicity,

The loyal following which they may have rallied will then never trust that organisation ever again.

Apple is used as an example on endless occasions throughout this book,

This is due to Apple being known as a cult like following.

The reason for this it’s because everything they say & everything they do.

It’s perfectly aligned With their why.

From their logo, to their products and even their ads.

“We believe in challenging the status quo,

we do this by making all of our products easy to use and user-friendly,

we just happened to make great computers.”

Have you ever wondered why Apples logo has a bite missing out of the Apple. – This is why it all relates to challenging status quo.

Let me explain if we revert back to the religious stories we was taught as the child if you recall. Adam and Eve were instructed under no circumstances were they to eat the forbidden fruit.

However they did and by doing so they challenge the status quo.

This is why Apple have used such a logo to represent everything that they say & everything that they do.

“they challenge the status quo”

Another example the release of MP3 Player Apple was the first nor were they the last.

So why were they the most successful, over its competitors.

Because Apple started with why.

A normal marketing message would have gone something like this,

“MP3 player with 1 GB of storage, very small and it can fit in your pocket”

This is great Apples actual marketing message was as follows,

“A thousand songs in your pocket”

They’ve explained not only why the product exists but also why we need it in our lives.”

A Thousand songs in my pocket I’ve got to have one.

Probably the most recent example of

exceptional music success Story,

Would have to be Bugzy Malone.

Many have said the way in which Bugzy Malone has become so successful so quick is abnormal some of even accused him being a part of this so-called Illuminati and Freemasons.

Let me explain my theory behind his exceptional yet abnormal rise to fame.

Which in turn confirms Simon Sineks theory.

Bugzy Malone started with why,

Most musical artists of today be that famous or up & coming.

Expect you to hashtag their name in an attempt to either gain fame or more fame.

Bugzy Malone was different he wanted to put Manchester on the map

He wanted to make his city known, and who would do this by hash tagging

#mannyonthemap & by doing so everyone living in Manchester which in 2016 the population is as follows 527,239 & those who have lived or their heart belongs to Manchester took his cause and made it their own.

All these exceptional successful companies started with why.

Martin Luther King, was one of many civil rights movement so why was he more successful than any other, he gave I have a dream speech not that I have a plan speech.

Have you ever been offered an opportunity & for some reason

You say I’m okay thanks and when asked why,

You say I don’t know  it just doesn’t feel right.

Alot of  people would say they were following their gut or their heart.

But I hate to break it to you neither one of these can help you make rational decisions.

Your gut & your heart are just another bodily organ.

The real reason lies within the limbic Brain.

This is part of the brain which controls decision-making,

We could go on & on about this theory however as this is simon sinek’s theory it’s only right that out of respect for him & his cause and belief we hope this will then inspire you to want to learn more about his theory if so please do so by following this link below.

Simon Sinek

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