Should I be afraid of anonymous the short answer no?…

Why you ask because anonymous are there to protect to people that is their cause & beliefs to help you the public,

so unless you are currently doing something incredibly unjust & it gets the attention of the anonymous activists then yes you should be afraid otherwise no.

They are not going to announce a cyber attack on innocent people that would go against everything they say & everything they do.

Do people pretend to be apart of the anonymous movement most definitely yes however if this is then either noticed or report to then it’s those who have pretended to be a part of their movement for their own benefit.

Anonymous have helped not only the world but our lives dramatically,

They have exposed government corruption, news channels lying about a story, police brutality, terrorists, racism and much more.

two of the biggest operations they declared cyber attacks on we’re ISIS & Krew Kults Klan, just to mention two.

Their has been several others such as the innocent shooting of the black guy in America due to a KKK member police officer this was proven by anonymous which otherwise would of been covered up.

The work which anonymous do is actually incredible not disgraceful.

These aren’t your malicious hackers which are out to destroy you or your company these are very much like the internet version of super hero’s although these people remain anonymous not only by name but also by nature, they deserve us to support their movement & show our gratitude.

These people risk their lives to protect us, some have been shot dead,

some have lost their lives to imprisonment all in a bid to help us the public.

They don’t get paid to, they do so because they want to, they do so because they believe in freedom for us all.

Thank for taking the time to read this-TGK Enterprise

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