-Simon Sinek

We feel as though we should dedicate a whole post about this man as he is a truly inspirational individual and this is what we aim to inspire other’s & there’s no man that does it better than this man right here.

His first book “Start with Why?” was incredible to say the least. In this Book he explains how it’s biologically proven that it’s why we do what we do, not what we do, by this he means what is your cause, what is your belief.  (Start with why) can be fount here

Simon then released a further addition to his inspirational message called “Leaders eat last” Where by he proves that all the most successful leaders in the world always eat or take the credit last. With several reference’s to the army and how their whole infrastructure is based upon leader’s eating last.

This i have to say was yet again fantastic i personally rushed out to buy this book as soon as it was released after reading his previous book i was unaware of the amount of references to the army, which isn’t something i particularly follow however although the army isn’t a personal interest of mine this book had me glued to it just the same as the last.  (Leaders eat last) can be fount here

Now he has released another two books “Together is better.” & “How to find your why.” I will be ordering these two books very shortly as i’m now addicted to reading Simon Sinek’s inspirational messages & books they are exactly what we believe in and wether or not you are the kind of person who likes to inspire other’s after reading these book’s i guarantee you will re-evaluate all that you do and begin to implement the things you will have learned from Simon.

(Together is better) can here fount here

(Find your why) can be fount here

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