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Being in business means also you have to know and rock your Social media. As an Entrepreneur you surely know that you need to be active and effective all the time for your work. But in so many times, I see some big mistakes people do, and don’t even really know they are making so huge mistakes. Why should they, if they even don’t know about it? Right?

Here I listed few mistakes which are more than obvious in so many business pages. And remember it doesn’t matter on which Social media you are, mistakes are everywhere…


Many entrepreneurs decide to Ad their page or their article, post….and the biggest mistake is making Ad after Ad. Who loves seeing Ad after Ad? Hmm…well, if your posts, articles are only about advertise and no special and related content people will leave you and unfollow you. Why? Because, honestly they don’t see any value in your Ads and in your content. And most important, and people don’t realise that – you need people. You need audience and people will just follow someone else.


When you have your own page, you need to be active! Your posts, articles, Ads, whatever you do – you have to be active with your audience. Comunication is one of the most important things in your life! use the opportunety to do something good with amazing content realted to your audience. Only in this case, your audience will keep following you. Sure you must think who your audience truly is and what are they doing. Is really your content so important for them? Do you really publish things, videos, article for your audience – or you publish only things that matters for you? When you get your likes, comments – you must be active and reply. People will se they are there and you give them a huge value, because they stopped on your page. Have in mind that people can leave any second, but if your active with them, they will feel special and will recomend your page to others.


When you start working and publishing your Social media you should really think, which Social media fits you the best. I mean you surely can’t handle all of the Social media world – otherwise you won’t be able to do anything else, than publish and comment on them. So, think and analyse which Social media fits you the best and be 100% active on them. There is no use of having and creating a page on Social media and not being active – just to having it. Pointless.

I advice you 3-4 Social media pages and be active on them – knowing that creating quality content is the most important of your business. You have to be related to your audience, otherwise you work is for nothing. Testing and improving yourself is the most importnat things you can do – for yourself and your business.

When you publish your post and you get comments, you must reply asap – why? Because people will see your engagement, your positivity and your care for them. Even if you thank them – for visiting your page. Here you can put so much Human to Human impact. We are still humans, no matter how amazing technology we all have.

In the end just remember that people count – and you need them to survive and to have your business. The following question is  – what you do – that people need you?

Author of this post: Marjetka Rozman (

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