You’ve been blinded from the truth?…



We’ve all been blinded from the truth let us explain…..

from childhood to becoming an adult we are taught to study & work hard to get a good paying job.

So that we can live life to the best of our abilities does this sound unreasonable?…


Not until you carry on reading,

We’re taught to work 9-5, 5 days a week, every year of our lives.

Well lets say you work till your 60yrs old that’s a total of 172,800hrs spent at work that’s sadly half of your life. So in theory you’ve spent 30yrs solid at work.

Why do we need to do this though?…

To bring in a decent regular income,

If you have a decent regular income banks will be willing to lend to you therefore meaning you will be able to get mortgages & finance in general.

This is bold statement above is the correct statement to make

“To bring in a decent regular income as banks will be willing to lend to you for buying a house etc.” ~ (however have you noticed this statement hasn’t got the word work in it.)

Why not?….

How can the statement above be true & not involve work.

EASY and it’s something everyone can do no matter their financial situation.

If I sent you a message and said lets go for a costa coffee, would you expect to walk in costa and they hand you a coffee for FREE.

NO as thats not how the world works unfortunately however it does work a lot different to what we’ve been taught.

If you had a personal trainer at the gym & you pay them to teach you your effectively paying them for their time.

Who said you can’t also charge people for your time.

This is where it gets a little bit crazy and you will think we’ve lost the plot but it’s true.

Like earlier when I referred to having a coffee, we’ve established costa isn’t going to give us free coffee.

So why should your partner, close family or close friend not get paid for making you a coffee?….

Because their your partner, family or friend you expect them to as a part of the bond between you both.

However did you know the majority of self employed people & companies are sole trader’s?..

Well there’s no signing any forms to become a sole trader anyone can wake up tomorrow and class themselves as a sole trader.

So why are you, your partner sole traders?…

Some people would say because it’s not a guaranteed income, it’s too unpredictable.

A part from the obvious that every hugely successful person had to takes chances  & risks to get to where they are today.

How can being a sole trader/ self employed be unpredictable your legally allow to charge what ever you wish for your time.

so let’s say you own £10 between you and your partner, family, close friend & from now on your going to both be sole traders for example purposes lets say your a house cleaning business & they are a refreshments business.

You charge £5 a room and they charge £5 a drink.

By the end of each day you’ve cleaned 10 rooms & have had 10 cups of coffee.

So they have to pay you for your cleaning services £5 per room, but you owe them for 10 coffee’s so you pay as you go, for example you say I’ve done this room so they pay you £5 into your bank, then you ask can I have a coffee please.

They say no problem so the £5 they have just sent you you then send back to them for the coffee, the two of you do this ten times every day.

You’ve now successfully made £1400 in the banks eye’s.

Because £50 a day in total has gone into your bank, everyday for 28 days.

However the banks like to see £1600 a month going into your bank account for lending guidelines.

So you decide your going to now also start your own window cleaning business & your partner, family, friend has decided to open up a chef business both of which pay the same as your first two companies so you are each others most loyal customers so you decide you want a chef & they decide they need a window cleaner you now have two businesses & so do they both each making £100 per day totalling a grand total of £3200 per month.

Now I know what your thinking you’ve technically made nothing though as you’ve just paid each each other. Your right however the banks don’t see it that way according to the banks eye’s your company makes £3200 per month every month.

So your well over the lending guidelines & you’ve paid your bills on time everytime.

So the bank calls you and asks you would you like a credit card with £2000 on it.

you say yes please, You then withdraw the whole £2000 and then go back a day later and repay the £2000 that has just been sat in your house over night.

you do this a few times, then the bank thinks you’ve made it back for example 5 times, so they call you again & offer to increase your limit on your credit card to £5000, yet again you say yes please that would be great thanks.

You then do the same again.

3 months later you call the bank & say I’ve seen this house I would like to buy is it possible to have a mortgage due to your past history the bank will say yes of course.

so you buy the house.

You then go off and sell the house for a quick profit.

You go back and you pay the bank back what you owe them so in less than a month you’ve successfully had a mortgage and paid it back earlier therefore avoiding the huge amounts of interest you then say to the bank I would like to have two mortgages please. They say by all means so you buy two house’s you then sell them both for a quick profit sale.

You then go back and repay the bank once again.

for example purpose each house you sold you gained £10,000 profit on so far you’ve sold three, so you do the same thing again this time a mortgage for 3 properties & you then repeat the same method over and over again till you’ve managed to save £100,000 you then buy a house outright.

You could then either continue this method or you could then remortgage the house you’ve brought out right.

For another house which you then sell and so on.

This is called micro financing, is it legal though?…

yes it no more illegal to pay your partner, family or friend for a coffee than it is to pay costa or Starbucks.

The same applies for any kind of business industry.

As long as you can give a reason why the money has gone into your bank if asked then its all perfectly legal.

All the big companies do this for example if Asda puts up an ad for Asda mobile contracts, then Asda mobile contracts will be 100% paying Asda for that ad.

It’s just not something us at lower end of the scale are taught, but rich people teach their family/children about micro financing.

Don’t believe us ok?…

We understand you United Kingdom government doesn’t like us to know about micro financing although it is legal they would prefer us lower end of the scale didn’t know about it however in other countries such as America they promote micro financing, so if you wish to read up on all that we have taught you today that’s fine by us. You will however have to either read it online from places such as America or order the book from there as they don’t supply our libraries etc with these kind of books.

If however we are right we ask you of one thing in return please #TGkENTERPRISEWasRight

By doing so you will be Helping us get the message out there to others.

Thanks-TGK Enterprise

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