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I am certain you know this. We always go into shops or your customer come into, just checking something and wondering if you should buy it or not. But you know what happens after few seconds, or maybe minutes? Sure, someone from Sale department comes to you and ask you the same questin ” Can I help you?”. Yeah, you got it now,  right?

Our respons is in like 80% the same as always “I am just looking a bit”…. so the salesman goes away and leaves us alone. Well, we say that becuase we feel under pressure when someone comes to us, and we are truly not sure what we will buy and for how much…and honestly we only want to browse what they have in the store, right?

All those who sale things should know that when customer says that doesn’t mean they won’t buy anything, but they also must realize they sholdn’t aproach in the very first second when customer walks into the store. Give them time. If you change your approach to your potencial customer, there can be a huge change in sale.

Let me tell you how…

  • You must understand your customer. If you see people being nervous, in a hurry walk through the store, then you know someone is looking something precisely and they need your help to find something in a very short time. You can surely approach to them and kindly ask in a different way “Our customers often look for this, you too? My name si Mike and do you already have imagine what you need to buy?” As you start talking to your custmer, they will feel like humans and not like a number in your store.
  • You can take your time and watch what they are looking for and in which departmenet. You obviosly have an idea what you can offer them and your approach can be ” This item is one of the best things in our store. Have you ever tried it – or have you already seen it somewhere?” In that very moment people will have their attention on the product you show them. And you got their attention.
  • Many times you can also say “As you can see we display many products, so you can see them, where would you love to start?” Also bringing their attention to the things you show them and you put your value to the customer, as you again start showing them your things and not bothering them about price or what they wanna buy. Don’t be nervous, be relaxed and calm.
  • The next style is also very flexible for the customer an you can easily say “Hi, my name is Mike and would love to direct you to our new collection in this way. If you need any further assistance or advice, feel free to call me.”

I know it’s maybe funny for you, but just try it. Response of your customers will be completely different, because you are no longer just selling your thins, but you give high value and approach human to human. And we still love that.

Few weeks ago, I was extremely in a hurry and rushing from one meeting to another. But then I stopped in one nice small Caffe & venue and ordered myself espresso. You know, just to drink it quickly and go on. During the time I got  coffee I was already on my phone, checking and replying e-mails, etc,…so, then in the end I just said I wanna pay and waitress nod to me and later she brought me a small plate of selected small cakes. I was like WOW! In that moment I realized I am in too much hurry and just stopped. I ate those cakes with such desire I could win the whole world. And I took time for myself.  Later I got my bill to pay, but you know what? I was so relaxed, because this approached surprised me, as I wasn’t used to it. You know we are all always in a hurry and when people do something new to you, well you feel WOW!!! And that is the value we are all looking for. Something new, different and so close to our hearts.

In the end it doesn’t matter if you have a store, a Caffe place, or a bar, or office for your servise – we are all still humans. And in these digital era we surely need approach “human to human”. Try it and let me know how it works in your case.

Author of this post: Marjetka Rozman (

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