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When we started our company, we knew why we wanted to do, we knew how we was going to do it and we knew what we was going to do. However we wanted to give our branding a sentimental meaning.

As we started following our passions in order to build something up for our children we thought it makes perfect sense to brand our company after the children, so we did just that T.G.K is the first initials of our three children.

Treasure (our daughter) aged 10, Gyptian (Our daughter) aged 2, Kartel (Our son) aged 1. Now I know you may think as many do wow who calls their son Kartel, well their is a more logical reason than meets the eye Gyptian’s name comes from a reggae artist we have always liked his music & just so happened to listen to it regularly during my partners pregnancy which then eventually made us think why don’t we call her Gyptian, as their is nobody else with that as their legal name therefore making it unique as it’s actually only the reggae artist’s stage name. This then leads me on to how the name Kartel come to be our sons name, the reggae artist gyptian has a very close friend who Is also a reggae artist by the name of vybz kartel, this then made sense to us to have them have this kind of connection with one another as we all want our children to be not only family but close friends don’t we.

Which now leads me on to the Enterprise part to our company name, our actual registered company name TGKE.

as the E in Enterprise actually represents my loving partners first initial Emma Smith. their was a terrifying moment in our life’s where by there was some complications with the birth of our second Gyptian Where by she had to go through 10 hours of labour before having to be rushed in to have a Emergency caesarean, and both myself & her mum sat in the waiting room for ages not knowing if we had lost either her daughter or ours. Therefore I felt that I owe it to her to have her name also included within the branding of TGK Enterprise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this it’s much appreciated that you have spent your very own time getting to know the heart of our company.


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