Social media has become one of the most effective marketing strategies,

However as is with everything it has to be used correctly.

A lot of people mistake content marketing as their content as this isn’t the case.

you have to be constantly think like the customer,

Would you want to see post after post of someone trying to sell something.

the simple answer is NO you would either get annoyed by seeing it as spam.

Or by now you would be bored of all that they have to offer.

Customers are people just like me and you.

when they go on their phones to have a quick look on Facebook for example they want to see funny things, and eye catching content.

Their is tons of funny videos on the web, so if you don’t want to go too far off subject i would recommend you find a video that’s funny that relates to your business for example.

If you was selling baby products and you happened to see a funny baby video then share it on your Facebook as the majority of those who have liked your page are interested in baby related content so by sharing a funny baby video.

The majority of your potential customers and following will also find this video funny.

This has not only successful kept your target audience entertained,

They also feel like they can relate to yourself more as you and your audience fount the video your shared funny?…

This not only creates a bond as your customer begins to feel as though their being to get to know your and your brand on a more personal level.

The chances of your loyal following also sharing this video.

Is also highly likely in these cases you can have loads of people re-sharing the video you found funny, yeah it will of helped the person/people who made the video free publicity, but you have also successfully had potentially thousands of people who are now aware of your brand due to people re-sharing your post.

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