TG Kreative – “You think it, we create it.”

For those who aren’t aware we do also run a

non profit organisation called Inspiring Individuals,

Where by we aim to inspire young talented individuals to believe in themselves & help them achieve there aims.

We believe everyone has their very own special talent call it coincidence if you wish.

However most people’s special talent perfectly align with the things we are truly passionate about.

We are a big believer in following your passion

as if you follow your passion, your not doing it for financial gain that’s always a bonus.

Your doing it due to your cause or belief,

when doing so you great things happen.

It’s whose who follow their passion, who have the ability to inspire other’s.

What does this have to do with what we do you ask?..

It’s simple if we can inspire & help other’s to achieve their dream’s by following their passion.

Then in turn these individuals we’ve helped & inspired will inspire other’s to achieve their dreams without even knowing.

We do this by offering our support to disadvantaged individuals & communities in the form of teaching the any of the service’s we provide free of charge.

Are a looking to then branch out to being able to offer more & more different skills & talents.

We feel that the children of today are being mis led by education & schooling organisation’s,

by focusing on maths, english etc

When you only need to look at how technology has advanced since we left school till now.

This was back when it was a slow progress now the process is in full motion by the time our children leave school.

They will be lost in a world of technology & computers, programming etc

When asked for qualifications the children of today are going to have to say “i know maths & english” does that help.

Sadly it won’t we don’t want the children of our future to fail.

This is why we also offer free programming, Developing, Animations & Games/App Development.

To all children FREE of charge.

Very helpful and understanding 5/5 cheers.

Great service, seriously recommend. Will use again!

Great service helped & explained everything to me, highly recommended.

We had to have some redesign & Seo work done on our website so we contacted TG Kreative how provided me with a great service a competitive rates.

Here’s a few of our most recent client’s


You know what we love about our company,

Every single one of us come’s work every day to do something we love.

We get to inspire people to do the things that inspire them,

it’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

In fact the part is trying to figure out all the different ways,

and all the different products & service’s

we can come up with to do that.

It really is amazing the best part is it’s also good for business,

we’re doing really well, we have beautiful office’s you should

stop by some time to see.

We work with some really big companies,

we’re sure you will have seen our ad’s.

We’re actually doing pretty well.


Do you need a security for your website?…

In todays world there is a huge threat of potential

hackers, If you aren’t qualified in web security. It can be hard to see the signs.

If your interested in learning more, please feel free to contact us.

If it’s not something your website particularly needs we will let you know we are not going to sell you something you don’t particularly need.

We have over 15 years experience in Web Design/Development, Graphics Design & SEO we have always been passionate about what we do.


We start with you by starting with you this helps us to understand your needs, and helps us get to know not only you but also your visions a lot better.

Armed with all the information & knowledge of the business sector in which your are entering we then begin to design, all you have envisaged.

Once the design is then complete we show you and if you’re then happy with the outcome we can proceed to having our developers then develop all the necessary feature’s & the SEO legwork for you ensuring you have a search engine thirsty website ready for launch.

Once all the developer’s work is done we then begin testing your website for any bugs or security issues that may need resolving ensuring the best possible results on launch. Once all these tests are complete we then show you the final result & once everybody is happy we then help you in officially launching your brand new website.

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