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“We design websites with your customers in mind”

In today’s world, design really does matter as first impressions count when it comes to website’s and website design

marketing statistics prove that within as little as 60 seconds a visitor,

visiting your website will have all ready made up their mind on whether they would like to contact you or not.


Keeping in mind what we have just said this tells us that we have 60 secs

to impress your visitors, and turn these visitors into customers.

Our web design team are really good at designing professional website’s with this in mind.

We do this by analysing your most successful competitors to see how they have a higher conversion rate from visitor to customer compared to your less successful competitors,

we then note down your top three competitors technics and using our knowledge in marketing & website design we then not only combine all three competitors technics we amplify them.

We look at ways these technics could be improved on and we act on this accordingly.

Once all parties including yourselves are happy with the design aspect of the website we then.

Hand it over to our web developers,

who then run a separate analysis on your main competitors to see what keywords they are using & which are working most successfully.

Meanwhile our search engine optimisation team will then look into untapped keywords which could give you a huge advantage over you competitors.

Once we have all this information both our website developer & SEO specialist will then begin to implement these findings into your website. we will then run several test’s.

Too make sure your website is not only working how it should be but also highly secure from hackers.

Once we are happy we will then do the finishing touches such as sitemap, gzip compression to make sure your website is as fast as lighting at loading up.

As speed matters

Google are now penalising website which take a long time to load as this makes potential customers annoyed and in turn has resulted in a bad user experience.

Once all this is done and we are all happy.

we can then set a date to launch your brand new website.

The reason we set a date is because in life things always seem to go wrong at the most inconvenient times.

So we set a launch date so that we can make sure that we have a team on standby for you should anything go wrong we can then quickly correct this for you.

Ensuring your visitors have the best possible experience.

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